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Best Services for Diesel Trucks, Maintenance and Repairs

Islandwide Fleet Service provides customers with exceptional value on every job. Our providers offer services from a family-oriented company, and we understand how to exceed our customer’s expectations. We offer a complete range of services that include truck maintenance, forklift services, heavy truck repair, diesel induction & injector cleaning services, and Allison transmission flushes. We maintain affiliations with ASE and NAPA.


  • Allison Transmission Flushes
  • Diesel Induction & Injector Cleaning Services
  • Forklift Repair Services
  • Heavy Truck Repair Services
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Chevy Duramax Diesel Service & Repair
  • Diesel Repair
  • Diesel Motor Vehicle Inspections
  • Fabrication
  • Fleet Service
  • Forklift Service & Repair
  • Heavy Truck Service & Repair
  • Medium-Duty Truck
  • Box Truck Service & Repair
  • Precision Welding
  • Mobile Service Truck
  • Lifts gate service
  • Trailer repair
  • 5th wheels
  • Differential/transaxle work
  • Snow & ice-removal equipment repair
  • DOT Equivalent Inspections

Our Truck Service Specialties

  • Allison Transmission Flushes

    Allison Transmission Flushes

    Transmission flushes are recommended every 30,000 miles, or two years. Allison transmission flushes are different from normal transmission servicing because this heavy-duty automatic transmission has specific manufacturer requirements that must be met. This is an important part of any preventative maintenance service program because it helps to extend the useful life of this particular type of transmission. Our service professionals understand the best types of synthetic fluid to use for these specialized transmission flushes.
  • Diesel Induction & Injector Cleaning Services

    Diesel Induction & Injector Cleaning Services

    Diesel induction & injector cleaning services help to maintain the proper functioning of the modern diesel engine as well as the fuel injection system. These spark plugs are controlled with precision, and this is a major distinction. Traditional gasoline-powered engine systems use electronically managed spark plugs. The diesel engine fuel is controlled with precision in order to obtain optimal fuel economy. Diesel engines will often experience carbon build-up, which can affect the fuel injector nozzles. This will increase smoke output, and it can also indicate other forms of buildup from carbon deposits collecting on the small components on the lift or injection pumps, so these should also be checked during the process.

  • Forklift Repair Services

    Forklift Repair Services

    Forklift repairs are essential for any warehousing, distribution or retail center that utilizes these expensive units. There are different makes and models of forklifts, so it’s important to work with a forklift service technician who understands all of these differences. When a forklift breaks, it can be difficult to get business done, so you need to get these repairs performed promptly and accurately. Our company has the experience and tools to get the forklift repair job done right the first time.
  • Heavy Truck Repair Services

    Heavy Truck Repair Services

    Our interior repair services can really impact the resale value of your vehicle. This is a service that also affects the auto rental industry. If your business is renting out vehicles that are in need of a good interior repair service, you’ve come to the right place. Our interior repair service professionals can improve the quality of your vehicle. Interior repair services include fixing shabby carpets with spills, repairing the console and dashboard, and even repairing damage from cigarette burns.
  • Fleet Maintenance

    Fleet Maintenance

    Fleet maintenance services ensure compliance with federal safety regulations that require trucks to be sufficiently operable when used on the road. Fleet maintenance programs are designed to assist fleet managers when servicing these vehicles in the most cost-effective manner possible. This includes performing services that optimize fuel efficiency and safety. There are many benefits you can enjoy when using our fleet servicing program. Effective maintenance services offer benefits that affect multiple aspects of every trucking company. This includes driver performance, job availability, fuel efficiency, safety and automation of fleet reports.
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs

    Preventative Maintenance Programs

    Truck maintenance programs save money over the long run, and this can make a substantial difference in the overall profitability of your business. Owner-operators and fleet managers often understand how important it is to have the filters and oil changed on a periodic basis. However, there are other important maintenance items that must be done to optimize performance and fuel efficiency. This includes a full inspection of every component on the truck’s various systems. It also includes checking all of the electronic systems to ensure that sensors are functioning properly and providing the information needed to make informed decisions. Our preventative maintenance programs will keep your truck in good condition for the long haul.
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