Let Me Tell You a Little Bit about Me & My Auto Repair Shop

Hi! I’m Michael Palladino, owner of Islandwide Fleet Service in Bohemia, NY. Islandwide has been around since 1973, and I’ve run the auto repair shop since 2003. I grew up in the field, and performed my first medium-duty clutch job at the age of 15 on a 1992 International 2600 with no outside help. From that day, I knew I was going to eventually have my own car and truck repair shop. It’s truly all I’ve ever wanted to do!

In 2000, I started with a mobile service truck and grew at a rapid pace, allowing me to acquire Islandwide. By 2007, I had a staff of nine people with five working technicians. Today, we serve a large number of Long Island corporate fleets, both at our facility and onsite. We do auto repair and maintain all types of cars, trucks, and equipment.


At the shop, I love when we’re firing on all cylinders, with high production, happy customers coming and going, and lots of movement and energy in the shop. It’s a real motivating factor for me, as a boss and as a business owner. When we’re flowing, I know we’re meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations for fast, quality auto repair work.

Islandwide Fleet Service Auto Repair Shop

Now Meet The Team!

Automotive Repair


You've been introduced! Now it's get to know the rest of the team.


You know the one who calls the shots!

Diesel Induction & Injector Cleaning Service

Joe - Mechanic

I am passionate about being a mechanic at Islandwide Fleet Service because it is a wonderful company with wonderful people. I truly enjoy working for Islandwide Fleet Service and coming to work everyday.

I specialize in any type of service, brake jobs, shocks, exhaust systems, tune ups, painting, and front end work.

I enjoy every job that comes thru the companies door. If the customer is happy then I am happy.

Some of the extracurricular activities I enjoy are doing side jobs, cleaning pools, family time, and going on family trips.

Diesel Induction & Injector Cleaning Service

SAL - Mechanic

I love being a mechanic at Islandwide because I enjoy the family like atmosphere and the work we do to keep our customers' businesses going.

I specialize in automotive, light truck, and heavy-duty repair. My strongest points are steering, suspension, wheel alignments, brakes, and engine repair. I am ASE certified and studied automotive technology at Universal Technical Institute in Orlando, FL.

Some things I enjoy in my free time include spending time with my family, BMX biking, hunting, fishing, camping, hockey, and baseball.

Ray - Mechanic

Truck Repair

Tony - Shop Manager

My passion for being a mechanic comes from the desire to want to help. Being able to help people get out of a bad situation is what drives me. And being able to mentor the next generation of mechanics is equally as gratifying.

I bring 35 years of know how to Islandwide Fleet Service My certifications are endless. A few of the major ones are ASE Master Tech, NY state step/feet instructor Cert, NY State Master A/C Service Technician, NY State Motor Vehicle Inspector. I am a single Father of three daughters which teaches me most of all...Patience!

My favorite things I like to do at Islandwide Fleet Service are keeping the shop running safely and efficiently. As well as keeping an up beat, fun shop to work in. All my guys know I would do any thing for them and we have each others back!!

When I leave Islandwide Fleet Service after work I turn into fun Dad! I like to boat, fish, hike, ride bikes, and Have fun. I also coach girls softball whih I have done for my daughters sice they were all very young.

Forklift Repair

Mike - Mechanic

I do like the fact that my co-workers & I have each other's back. It feels good to know that, If I need help with something all I have to do is ask. And In return, I'm just as eager to give them a hand if needed.

I do have experience with the ford Econoline vans. I am getting to know my way around the Cintas m-45's pretty well. Especially trouble shooting those starters.

I take pride in figuring out those issues other shops haven't been able to. It's a good feeling, when you can make the repairs.

Fleet Maintenance Programs

Dan - Mechanic

I enjoy working at Islandwide Fleet Service for the safe working conditions and friendly staff. I enjoy working on fleet vehicles. Everyone helps each other when needed.

I have 35 years of experience as an auto technician. The las 13 years is fleet, diesel mechanics. I am certified in air brakes. I perform P.M. and do some electrical work.

I enjoy performing all repairs on fleet vehicles to make sure there safe to be out on the roads.

Being with my family wether its camping, fishing, goint out on a boat or just BBQ with some friends.

Allison Transmission Flushes


Here to help anytime you need!

Mal - Mechanic

Friendly service all day everyday!

My CV (i.e. why you can trust me and my team to handle your auto repair)

  • 26 years of professional experience
  • Associate Degree in Automotive & Diesel Technology from Denver Automotive & Diesel College
  • Student of the Year Runner-up for All Denver Vocation Schools in 1998-1999
  • ASE Master Certified
  • DOT Air Brake Certified
  • And Many More Certifications!