Every business owner should strive to have all of their trucks on the road and ready to go at a moment's notice. More trucks on the road with less down time is where a business can really improve their bottom dollar. Whether you are a small one truck company, or a large fleet corporation running vehicles 24/7, Islandwide is here to help with all the guess work and confusion in your truck repairs.

All too often we hear about repair shops that spend a small fortune in parts to repair a truck. One or two days later the problem reappears. We have learned over the years that there are never any definites when it comes to auto and truck repair. Most vehicle problems occur when a component or wire harness is moved and not returned to its original location. An example of this is a wire that shorts out during sharp right turns. This can causes an intermittent engine light. Most shops replace the component that is associated with the code, at a cost to the customer, and the light reappears one day later. The customer is upset to have the same problem appear . Our diagnosis finds that it was just a wire rubbing on the chassis during the turn. We call this the intermittent drivability fault. Quality professional repairs are needed to prevent these situations.

We offer many maintenance services and can tailor a plan to fit your needs. We are capable of taking care of your fleet on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. We can set up a maintenance program and log to maintain your fleet by mileage or time. Our techs can pick up and drop off vehicles at your location saving you the cost and time of picking up the vehicle. Contact us now!